Shadows By Shadows
The Shadow was sitting in a place, high in the Rockies; I was taking a moment to empower my mind. Making sure the quietness of my mind was in good shape. You know what that’s like. As the quietness gains my mind, some immensely satisfying images begin to come into my mind. I begin to check the edges. I wanted to make sure they are sharpness was correct.
Then a shadow fell on my quite mind. Fear ran through me, as this darkness descended on this ominous thing descended into my quite mind. Then I realized that checking sharp edges was a shallow experience. The shadow was the entity that came to remind me that I must go deeper. I must not linger on the surface checking for sharpness. Thinking about the new depth this imaged now has, I wanted to explore it. These different forms that were containing so many shades of gray were adding meaning to the images.
The shadows were directing me toward the content side of the images. Shadows unlike edges are not definite things. Shadows are translucent things, therefore they hint at something they are not going to make a definite statement, like an edge. Is not the hint the more intellectually rewarding part of an art piece? I mean, wouldn’t you like a suggestion so, that your personal imagination could explore. Isn’t that the most rewarding?
Yes I had been lazy living on the surface, looking at the most obvious, the edge, and not looking deeper. Edges not only direct you they also walk you through the image. Edges are control freaks. They tell you what they want you to do.
Shadows hint and suggest. They like to nudge you and then let you go anywhere your mind will take you. They are not control freaks. Shadows are the quality aspects of life, not the quantitative aspects that edges are. Qualitative aspects of life are more meaningful than quantitative aspects.