Pollen, Wind and Water come together to form the abstractions in nature I call “Pollen Puddles”.
The acorns and the pollen from the oaks have been piling up this spring. This happens about every seven years in the South. The Oaks over-produce.
Also in the spring in the South, they have the thunderest thunderstorms. These storms have the rain coming down in sheets with the wind driving the rain sideways. Lighting’s crackling announces rolling thunder. These storms are intense, delivering up to five inches of rain per hour. Good sleeping if you have a tin roof and can sleep to the drumming rhythm of the rain.
Awakening from one of these rain-drumming tin-roof naps, I notice that the wind is still up. The rain has stopped and the light is wonderful. I am awake now, grabbing my camera.
I am out on the street with a new commitment to abstraction and to the discovery of form. I am tired of making images that display the perfection of nature and its endless numbers of perfect compositions.
 I discovered a mixture of Wind, Pollen and Water in a swirling mixture laying in the gutter. I am witnessing the reality of nature abstracting itself.